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Lodge Guests have a Fantastic Fishing Day

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Fish, Fish and more Fish

26 Jun 2011, by Monika Vratil

The guests have had an absolutely amazing Day out Fishing. Westhaven Retreat's Lodge Tour Guide took everyone to a very special spot, just on the mouth of the Whanagnui Estuary. At low tide the channel narrows substantially, which makes it a favorite place for fish to feed. The fishing there is 95% successful, with New Zealand's Snapper in the months of December through to April. During the rest of the year, you will undoubtably catch Kawahai, a great game fish.

"A memorable place, amazing beaches, rock formations and surprisingly good fishing! Unforgettable"

At Westhaven Luxury Lodge the Chef prepares the Day's fish to the guest's wishes. Snapper Sashimi is preferred by most, with it's amazing fresh flavor. The Kawahai is marinated with brown sugar and spices and then hot smoked with Manuka shavings. This is a delicious traditional New Zealand recipe.

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New Zealand Fishing Tour at the Lodge

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