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Kayaking in New Zealand Marine Reserve

beach in new zealand

Kayaking in the stunning Reserve

18 May 2015, by Monika Vratil

Kayaking the Westhaven Inlet is truely one of the most beautiful and memorable experiences that our guests have the pleasure of undertaking. The Whanganui (Westhaven) Inlet is the second largest estuary in the South Island, protected by the Te Tai Tapu Wildlife and Marine Reserve.

"A memorable place, amazing beaches, rock formations and surprisingly good fishing! Unforgettable"

What makes the Whanganui Inlet so special, is that it is one of the largest and least modified estuaries in the country.
Westhaven Retreat offeres Kayaking Tours through this beauiful Estuary. Guests are taken from the Luxury Lodge to the Managrakau wharf, where the Tour Guide launches the kayaks.

From there, Guests get to explore the fiords of the Estuary and kayak along fringe of this protected land, which remains in dense natural forest cover. An uninterrupted sequence of plant life from forest to salt marsh helps maintain the estuary's overall health and supports a great richness of invertebrates (crabs, shellfish, worms) fish and bird life.