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Capturing the untouched Wilderness

9 April 2015, by Monika Vratil

What is it about the raw and untouched beauty of Nature, that draws us to capture it? It is the sense of seeing that beautiful photo, that warms our hearts and makes us grateful for the beauty that surrounds us.

"The attraction of photography is making something lasting from ephemeral moments"

Landscape photography can be very rewarding if you’re willing to travel and/or hike to the right places, get up early and/or stay up late.

Many of our guest are draw to Westhaven for the amazing variety in scenery, the untouched landscapes, amazing wildlife and stunning ecology. The perfect environment for taking great photos.

Our most recent photographic guest, Barney Brewster, is well known in New Zealand and has just brought out a recent book called 'Night Visions'. On the cover proudly shines Westhaven's 'Turtle Bay' in the Moonlight.

Barney's attraction of photography is making something lasting from ephemeral moments. Those moments could be mere fractions of a second or extended exposures of many minutes at night. However long exposures are demanding, requiring slow, patient work and considerable investment in time – not to mention some denial of personal comfort, and at times even of one’s personal safety. Extended shutter times ask even more of their human subjects, as he know himself from self-portrait efforts;

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book cover of photographer visions book